John Bartkowiak's Gallery -  Recent Works

Gallery - 1999

All works are oil on canvas.

King and Queen

Siamese Impressions

4 Star Theatre

Night in Tunisia

"King and Queen" (sold)

"Siamese Impressions" (sold)

"4 Star Theatre" (sold)

"Night in Tunisia" (sold)

Victorian Row

From:Vin To:Vin

Across the River

Red Face

"Victorian Row" (sold)

"From: Vincent To: Vincent" (sold)

"Across the River" (sold)

"Red Face" (sold)

Braque's House

Street of Primary Colors

3 Faces of Eve

Blue Face

"Braque's House" (sold)

"Street of Primary Colors" (sold)

"3 Faces of Eve" (sold)

"Blue Face" (sold)

Lone Palm

2nd Date

Blossom Tree

Fruitbowl and Guitar

"Lone Palm" (sold)

"2nd Date" (sold)

"Blossom Tree" (sold)

"Guitar and Fruitbowl" (sold)

12 Digits

Morning Kiss


Birth of Cool

"12 Digits" (sold)

"Morning Kiss" (sold)

"Winter" (sold)

"Birth of Cool" (sold)

Trying to Find Chinatown

Day on the Bay

Look to the East

Los Cruces No. 1

"Trying to Find Chinatown" (sold)

"Day on the Bay" (sold)

"Look to the East" (sold)

"Los Cruces No. 1" (sold)

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