John Bartkowiak's Gallery 2002-2005

John Bartkowiak's Gallery 2002

Gallery - 2002-2005

All works are oil on canvas.

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Life of a Traveling Salesman


Songs Woody Sang

April Days

Chance Encounter

"Life of a Traveling Salesman" (sold)

"Pilgrimage" (sold)

"Songs Woody Sang" (sold)

"April Days"(sold)

"Chance Encounter" (sold)


First Born

The Face I Wore Today

The Elopement

Nine Months

"Midwinter" (Not for Sale)

"First Born" (sold)

"The Face I Wore Today" (sold)

"The Elopement" (sold)

"Nine Months" (sold)

Inbetween Market St

A Homecoming

"20 Buddhas..."(sold)

"Conversation in the Rain" (sold)

"Between Market & Home" (sold)

"A Homecoming" (sold)

"Happy Hour" (sold)


"South of Salinas" (sold)


"Moonlight for Maya's Room" (sold)

"Royal Feast" (sold)

"La Familia"(not for sale)

I_remember_California_St "

"31 Blue Angels: Market St."(sold) "Nuclear Family"(not for sale) "I Remember California St."(sold)

"Reunion" (sold)

"Election Day" (sold)

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