John Bartkowiak's Gallery 2012-2014

John Bartkowiak's Gallery 2002

Gallery - 2012-2014

All works are oil on canvas.

3 Kings


First Supper

Us and Them >

"3 Kings" (sold)

"The Happy Threesome" (sold)

"The First Supper" (sold)

"Us and Them" (sold)

The Sky is Falling



Double Date

"The Sky is Falling" (sold)

"Down by the Sea"

"The Embrace" (sold)

"Double Date" (sold)

The Gang's All Hear

Ascension Day

Learning to Fly

Saturday Cartoons

"Thursday Afternoon" (sold)

"Ascension Day" (sold)

"Learning to Fly" (sold)

"Saturday Cartoons"

3 Kings Seated

Oakland No. 1

Deep Blue Sea

September Sund

"3 Kings Seated"

"Oakland No. 1"

"Deep Blue Sea"

"September Sun" (NFS)

One Love

Organic Farming

County Fair Grounds

St Vita

"One Love" (sold)

"Organic Farmings" (NFS)

"County Fairgrounds"

"St. Valentine's Day is Over" (NFS)


Golden Gate Park




"Golden Gate Park"

"The Princess and the Poolboy" (sold)

"Maui" (NFS)

Third Eye

The Gift3


Liberation Day

"Our Lips Are Sealed"

"The Gift3"

"Day at the Beach" (NFS)

"Liberation Day" (sold)


Adventure in Acrobating No. 3


Adventure in Acrobating No. 1

"Last Nite I Dreamed of Easter Island"

"Adventures in Acrobatics No. 3"

"Adventures in Acrobatics No. 2"

"Adventures in Acrobatics No. 1" (sold)

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