John Bartkowiak's Gallery 2018-2019

John Bartkowiak's Gallery 2002

Gallery - 2018

All works are oil on canvas.

Birdland No. 33

Birdland No. 86

Birdland No. 55

AM 53

"Birdland No. 33" (sold)

"Birdland No. 86" (sold)

"Birdland No. 55" (sold)

"AM 53"

Unfinished Landscape No. 1

Unfinished Landscape No. 2

A Day on the Bay

Dock of the Bay

"Unfinished Landscape No. 1" (NFS)

"Unfinished Landscape No. 2" (NFS)

"A Day on the Bay"

"Angel Island"

Going to California

Flowers For Frieda

Summer Garden

Escape from Alcatraz

"Going to California"

"Flowers For Frida" (NFS)

"Haiku Garden"

"Escape from Alcatraz" (sold)

Puerta Vallarta

Aquatic Park


South of France

"Puerto Vallarta Incident" (sold)

"Saturday: Aquatic Park Haiku"

"From a Hotel Room in Cologne"

"South of France"

German Girl

Between Day and Night

Treasure Island Sunday

San Francisco

"American Girl in Spain"

"Dream Catcher"

"Treasure Island Sunday"

"San Francisco: Before the Gold Rush"

King City




"Halfway to King City"

"Ten Miles from Soledad"

"Peace and Defiance (diptych)"

"Get Yourself Connected"





"From a North Beach Rooftop"

"Napa" (NFS)

"East of Eden"

"The Road to Yuba City"

Best Friends

Yacht Club



"Best Friends"

"Yacht Club"

"Blue Sunday"

"Friday Afternoon: Where Were You?"

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