John Bartkowiak's Gallery -  Recent Works

Gallery - 2000

All works are oil on canvas.

Lucky No. 13

Down to the River

Big Sky Country

Sometimes Happiness

"Lucky No. 13"

"Down to the River" (sold)

"Big Sky Country" (sold)

"Sometimes Happiness" (sold)

Slowly Sinking Ship

Looking Back

On the Roof

Walking Home: Chicago

"Slowly Sinking Ship" (N.F.S.)

"Looking Back" (sold)

"On the Roof" (sold)

"Walking Home: Chicago" (sold)

Central Valley - Summer

Mixed Signals


Rain Falling on Buddha

"Central Valley" (sold)

"Mixed Signals"


"Rain Falling on Buddha" (sold)

Once a Revolution

Exile to the Avenues

Girls Nite Out

I Never Felt So Happy

"Once a Revolution" (sold)

"Exile to the Avenues" (sold)

"Girls Nite Out" (sold)

"I Never Felt So Happy" (sold)

Portrait of An Artist as a Young Lunch

Myth of Sisyphus

The Warehouse

Clamdigger: Sunup - Sundown

"Portrait of An Artist as a Young Lunch" (sold)

"Myth of Sisyphus" (sold)

"The Warehouse" (sold)

"Clamdigger: Sunup - Sundown" (sold)

La Mujer Amarillo

Just Friends


Waiting for the Tourist Bus

"La Mujer Amarillo" (sold)

"Just Friends" (sold)

"Temptation" (sold)

"Waiting for the Tourist Bus" (sold)

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