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Gallery - Odds and Ends

How I came to realize I was different from the others

Death of a Painting



"How I came to realize I was different..." (sold) "Death of a Painting" (sold) "Martyrs" (NFS) "Downtown" (sold)

Still Life: Salt & Fishbone

American Cow


Parking in Real

"Salt and Fishbone" (sold) "American Cow" (sold) "Waterfall"
(not for sale)
"Parking in Rear"

Come In

Third Eye

The Border

Old Brush

"Come In"
"Third Eye"
"The Border"
"Portrait of a Married Couple as Old Brushes"(not for sale)

American Horse

For Sale


Love is a Pun

Sweet $$$

"American Horse" (sold) "For Sale" (sold) "Eve" (sold) "Love is a Pun" (sold) "Sweet $$$" (sold)

Mother's Day

Silent Scream

High Tide

Green Tea Buddha

"Mother's Day" (sold) "Silent Scream" "High Tide" (sold) "Green Tea Buddha" (sold)


Don't Feed Your Piranha

Pledge of Allegiance

Winter - Illinois

Self Portrait at 35

"Mockingbird" (sold) "Don't Feed Your Piranha" (sold) "Pledge of Allegiance" (sold) "Winter - Illinois" (sold) "Self Portrait at 35" (Not For Sale)

Split Pea Desperation

The Carnival - Left Panel

The Carnival - Right Panel

"Split Pea Desperation" (NFS) "The Carnival"   (left panel) (sold) "The Carnival"   (right panel) (NFS)


AMster Dam

"Tres Kisses"   "AMster Dam"  

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