John Bartkowiak's Gallery 2001

Gallery - 2001

All works are oil on canvas.


Beast of Burden

Three Women (Triptych)

Just Like Romeo and Juliet


"Beast of Burden" (sold)

"Three Women" (Triptych) (sold)

"Just Like Romeo and Juliet" (sold)




Class of '82

The Minority

"The Line" (sold)

"Gossip" (sold)

"Waiting" (sold)

"Class of '82" (sold)

"The Minority" (sold)

After the Gold Rush

View of the Church and Fog

Adventures of Robin Hood

Celebration in a Blue Room

Free Country

"After the Gold Rush" (sold)

"View of the Church and Fog" (sold)

"Adventures of Robin Hood" (NFS)

"Celebration in a Blue Room" (sold)

"Free Country" (sold)

Above It All

Smiling Faces

New Day Rising

Six Days in June

Fat Cat Gets Fatter

"Above It All" (sold)

"Smiling Faces" (sold)

"New Day Rising" (sold)

"Six Days in June" (sold)

"Fat Cat Gets Fatter" (sold)

Friday Night in Tijuana

Soul Sandwich

Los Angeles

Flowers of the City

Hand in Hand - Head in the Clouds

"Friday Night in Tijuana" (sold)

"Soul Sandwich" (sold)

"Los Angeles" (sold)

"Flowers of the City" (sold)

"Hand in Hand - Head in the Clouds" (sold)

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