John Bartkowiak's Gallery 2009-2011

John Bartkowiak's Gallery 2002

Gallery - 2009-2011

All works are oil on canvas.


Sunday Stroll



Golden Hills


"Sunday Stroll"

"Golden Days" (sold)

"Sisters" (sold)

"Golden Hills"

"Truckee: Wintertime" (sold)

The Ballet


Portrait of an Art Student

In the Garden

The Village3

"Ballet" (sold)

"Gilded Sunlight"

"Portrait of an Art Student"

"In the Garden" (sold)

"The Village" (sold)

After the Rain 2

Marsh at Sunset

Pink Sky

Hole in the Sky

I Remember Ocean Beach

"After the Rain" (sold)

"The Sky is Falling"

"Pink Sky"

"Hole in the Sky" (sold)

"Last Moments"



Where is Here

Continental Divide

Back to School Days

"Cairo" (sold)


"Where is Here"

"Continental Divide"

"Back to School Days" (sold)

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